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Alphatron Medical Innovations develops, manufactures and distributes medical solutions at the intersection of hardware, software and technology. 

Our goal? To simplify and streamline the daily routines of nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to make sure they can devote more time and attention to their core task: providing care to their patients. This makes Alphatron Medical Innovations a unique company with emphasis in efficiency and effectiveness, instead of on technology.

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Digital data recording has not yet been optimized. Nurses are forced to work with different devices, that each require new logins and patient identification many times a day. Patient rounds are inefficient and there is hardly time for personal attention and a friendly chat.

The mobile workstations, also known as Computer on Wheels, used by healthcare professionals in their patient rounds could deliver better results. By taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by an integrated workstation, they can improve efficiency and safety and thereby enable better care. Alphatron Medical Innovations developed the AMiS, the Alphatron Mobile intelligent Carestation, to simplify and streamline care processes for nurses.




The Alviscan is a self measurement kiosk that allows patients to measure their own vital signs before they have a consultation. The measurement results are automatically stored in the Electronic Patient Record and are immediately available to care providers. This reduces the workload of nurses, while increasing data safety and patient involvement. Patients experience the use of the Alviscan as easy and intuitive.




C-MOTION is a compact and ergonomic mounting system for pendants. It facilitates maximum flexiblity for the use an all-in-one PC or monitor, with a keyboard and mouse. In this way it is easy to create a complete Patient Data Management System (PDMS) workstation next to the patients’ bed, the ICU or the OR. The center of mass is located in the center of the arch, which ensures optimal stability and smooth movement.